Budumedura Construction Project

Background of the Project
Date: 18th May 2011

    Since Sadasiri Uyana is a newly born village there is no temple or any religious place to worship. As well as the access road of Sadasiri Uyana is very lonely path. Considering those reasons, Sadasiri uyana welfare Society is decided to establish a Budha statue close to the access road. They try to find proper land to start the project.

    But all lands near the access road are privet lands. So they failed to obtain a proper land. However one of the Land Owner decided to donate Small part of his land for this project. This land was donated by Mr. Chammika de Sillva. Several large and mountain shaped rocks are exits in the Land. So It has a unique and grate view.

Here is the view of that land before the constructions.

Placing Foundation Stone
Date: 15th June 2011

Earth breaking ceremony and placing the foundation stones are held on Poson full moon poya day in 2011 (15th June 2011).
Foundation Stones are placed at 9.05 am on 15th June 2011 and construction initiated by villagers.

Sadasiri uyanaVillagers had arranges some refreshments for participants of this function.

Complete the Basement
Date : 15th July 2011

Complete the structural works
Date: 4th September 2011
Main Concrete stage and hood is completed. This is consisting with 2 concrete slabs and 2 circular columns. Walls are made by bricks and cements.

Painting and Final Constructions 
Date : 11th September 2011
Main stage is covered with ceramic tiles and exterior and interior finishing is completed. Apart from that retaining wall and set of steps are built to access the garden area.

Construction of access path and background.

Establishment of the Budha Statue
Date : 10th November 2011
The Buddha statue is taken from Balapitiya. That is 4 feet in height. The Buddha Statue is placed in Budu Medura at 10.01 am.

Opening Ceremony
Date : 01st January 2012

This opening ceremony is started by Prith ceremony. That Prith ceremony is held by ----- Thero at Kalugala Mawatha temple.

Arms Giving
Date : 01st January 2012

After the Opening Ceremony